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UXCine is a Video Design Company. The U is for User. The X is for eXperience. The Videos we design are focused on User eXperience. We've traveled to dozens of countries and have adapted, improvised and overcome challenges to produce stories that get results. UXCine has been awarded a few Emmys, but more important to us are the friendships made along the way.  

The team at UXCine has over 40 years experience combined and with today's technology and our creativity  we help you be more awesome. Arturo started his career as a video editor in a small Texas town and slowly worked his way up the ranks. Working along side the President in Washington D. C. has been one of the highlights of his career.

Team member Adrianna began working in the media industry while getting her degree in communications. She is a problem solver. From coordinating Super Bowl coverage to organizing massive election campaigns she makes things happen.  Training dozens on software applications in newsrooms on a Global level is one of her current projects.  

We support and are active members of our community. 

Volunteer Interfaith Caregivers. We applaud and help the folks at this beautiful organization. Assisting senior citizens with their visits to the doctor and grocery shopping is Amazing. We get to meet a new friend each week! Adrianna is currently a member on the board of directors.

CFCA Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. We've been lucky to sponsor some great kids in developing countries for the past 14 years. The mission trips we have been on have been incredibly rewarding and humbling. 

Goodspero. We have been extremely fortunate to help this great organization. The biggest crowdfund for education to date. The epitome of today's technology merging with hard work and BIG hearts.

Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce. The members here are a great bunch of folks. Having lived in the Heights area since 2006 it's gonna be pretty difficult to ever leave this tree lined community. The organization and the neighborhood go hand in hand.